Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

Earning a profit is perhaps one of the biggest goals which businesses aim to achieve; promoting your business through the internet is a path that many choose to take. With such a wide audience both nationally and worldwide the internet has been one of the best ways to gain a high Return on Investment.

Once your website has been designed by a web design company such as Brick technology it needs to be optimised in order to appear higher on search engines, when this occurs the next step is to try and sustain this positioning. Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process which if carried out correctly and by a professional will increase traffic to your site.

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation...

A number of factors have an influence on SEO, these are put into two categories, on page and off page optimisation. Keywords are perhaps the most important factor concerning SEO, these are placed within content discretely and this content is what is picked up by the search engines. Your website URL should be clean, link titles should be used which lead to internal pages. These are known as on page optimisation.

Off page optimisation involves getting links from an external source, these links count towards the site ranking as well as blogs, article submission and press releases which all in turn have a vital role. As well as these however there are many other on page and off page factors which influence SEO.

Once a website becomes visible in the higher positions then the business becomes noticed, targeted keywords related to the business gains site visitors who are qualitative and most likely to convert into a sale.

Brick technology have over 20 years experience, our dedicated internet marketing team are on hand to help you get that number one spot on the search engines without the need for paying out vast amounts of cash. Too many times have we seen business websites pulled down because of other “cowboy” companies gaining them positioning illegally.

If you would like to gain a natural positioning or are interested in web design then please contact Brick technology, web design, Lancashire for a professional consultation 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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