Twitter Rolls Out New Features

Two new features have been rolled out today on popular social networking site Twitter. These will help you to discover more on Twitter so now when someone favourites or re-tweets one of your tweets you can see.

In addition to this you can also easily learn which tweets are the most interesting and inspiring to the people you follow. Firstly one new feature offers the chance to see what is happening on Twitter in direct relation to you.

All you need to do is click onto the tab with your @username and then you will be able to see which ones of your tweets are favourites along with the latest re-tweets of your tweets. Also you will be able to see any tweets directed at you and your new followers.

The next addition to Twitter is the Activity tab which provides the information on all the latest favourites, re-tweets and follows from the people that you follow on twitter. This means that now all your information is in one handy place!

Twitter continues to grow around the globe at a record pace, just one year ago 65 million tweets were made per day and now over 200 million Tweets per day are made. One year ago there were around 150000 registered Twitter apps and today there are more than one million that connect to Twitter.

A truly amazing social network Twitter is where people come from all around the world come to instantly connect with topics, articles and tweets which are most meaningful to them. It is the only place you can get what you want, direct to you in an instant!

We look forward to trialling out these new features on Twitter and will let you know if they decide to introduce anything else. Brick technology web design wants our clients to realise that Twitter and Facebook along with other social network sites are becoming one of the new ways to search.

As part of our internet marketing team we will soon be announcing a brand new menu which will allow for our web design clients to move their online business forward. Keep an eye out for our new internet marketing menu, you never know there could be a package which takes your fancy!

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