Twitter is not for the birds!

"Twitter is no longer one of those ‘hot, new’ technologies that early adopters are predicting to be the next big thing. Once the baby of the social networking world, it's now mainstream with one of the fastest growing user bases in the world.

It’s important to closely evaluate the real benefit of using Twitter for your business, and most importantly, whether it is of use to you. Are the people you want to reach active on Twitter? Find out at our next Internet Marketing Workshop how you can really benefit from using social networking websites for your business.

There are many instances of businesses on Twitter getting it right, but a lot more of getting it wrong. We will be discussing the way that Twitter has changed the way many of us communicate, as well as presenting some of lessons learnt from those that caught on to its power while the rest of us thought a tweet was just something to do with birds.

Brick customers are invited every month to drive their online businesses. Join us for a fun and informative workshop on how to tweet­bo­ok­spa­cetube your way to success!

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