TikTok Shopping and Advertising

The ever-growing TikTok is expanding in e-Commerce. In 2021 the video platform opened its partnership with Shopify in the USA and Canada. Now, it's also available for our UK customers and expanding to other global markets.

We have integrated this into the latest Brick's CMS and Brick Factory platform as an optional add-on. We're also integrating with Wix, PrestaShop, OpenCart and more!

Later this year, we will deploy a TikTok API. Unless you've been hibernating, you will know how massive the platform has become with not just the younger demographic but with a growing age group too.

Last year, products on TikTok were viewed 4.6 BILLION times and expected to more than double in 2022.

One of the most fantastic tricks is leading users from product awareness to action (Conversion and Enquiry).

We can work with our customers to integrate a full-service shopping solution, and very soon, we will be able to integrate your product catalogue directly into your TikTok account.

Contact us for more information.

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