THIS is How YOU Should be Managing YOUR Social Media..

THIS is How YOU Should be Managing YOUR Social Media..

Can you remember what the last tweet you read was? If not, go back and check. Chances are, you had to scroll down to find it, maybe quite a long way. If you haven’t checked your Twitter feed for a while, it may even have gone so far down that you give up even looking for it! This is the typical speed and intensity for social media and it’s the same for Facebook, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn and all the rest. How can you find the time to manage your social media? You don't have to.

Keeping tabs on all of your social media accounts is time-consuming and, like the old (but true) maxim says, “time is money”. You could spend an hour or more sending out a single message from your company on all the different channels, by which time the world has already moved onto the newest point of online interest. Instead of doing it yourself, what you need is a professional, consistent strategy and a team of experts to make it happen - that’s where we come in.

Brick Web Development Company offer a comprehensive Social Media Management service, providing you with an enviable web presence that is fresh, engaging and ultimately successful. The key to keeping online visitors interested is dynamic, personalised, ever-changing content and that’s what we can deliver, all for an attractive monthly cost. The service includes:

  • Fully-managed multiple social media accounts, including Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • All copy and artwork produced by our experienced editorial staff in the UK

  • Four in-depth news articles per month for your website, email newsletters and anywhere else you want to use them

  • Four tweets and four Facebook posts every day

  • One company page post every day on LinkedIn

  • Two banners, produced in hi-res, to support your advertising campaigns

  • Distribution to Pinterest, Instagram and Google+

  • YouTube distribution for video content

  • Exclusive design of three social media pages of your choice

  • One hand-designed and -distributed newsletter to up to 50,000 recipients

Subscribing to the Social Media Package from Brick Web Development Company is easy and risk-free - just give us a call and we will sort out all the details, showing you how you can make a big success of your social media by letting us do all the hard work. Ready to start your journey?

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