The Words on the Web...

The Words on the Web...

Language is one of the cornerstones of human civilisation and we have learned to use words in ever-more complex ways to communicate. Our latest challenge on this centuries-long journey is communicating our ideas to computers; Google AdWords is a prime example.

Using this unique and revolutionary system to increase the visibility of your website on Google is an essential aspect of modern ecommerce and getting things exactly right can be difficult. So, if your ecommerce website is selling anything from funerals to flutes or from Cars to Christmas trees, you need to choose a highly-rated and reputable web development company such as Brick to get things exactly right on your behalf.

To whet your appetite, here are illuminating statistics and facts about Google AdWords…

Google’s massive annual revenue (a figure that is too long and depressing to type) comes almost completely from advertising - 95% of the total

Out of all of the advertising revenue made online, Google claims a third - this is $38.6 out of $117.6

3.16% is the average clickthrough rating for a Google ad - adverts that get to the #1 search position have a clickthrough rate of more than 7%

70% of mobile searchers call businesses directly from Google search and 33% of all Google search clicks come from a mobile device

The generation of leads from online marketing, inclusive of PPC adverts, is 54%, as opposed to TV advertising which hits just 1%

For each $1 spent on AdWords, businesses make an average of $2

The most expensive AdWords keyword changes often, though ‘insurance’ is a regular feature in the top 3

180 billion impressions are served by the Google Display Network

Google AdWords is particularly important in the ecommerce sector of the internet, and even more particularly for shopping. The number of people shopping online is huge and growing exponentially; an ever-growing number of these people are using mobile devices to do so. This means that getting your site noticed is more important than it has ever been before and you need an arsenal of tactics and tools to help you achieve it.

Brick Web Development Company are, luckily, in possession of this arsenal and are ready NOW to start making YOUR online presence into a dynamic, exuberant and absorbing experience that everyone will want to have a part of. Call us or chat live online to find out how Google AdWords could revolutionise your business.

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