The Newest Member of #TeamBrick

The Newest Member of #TeamBrick

The newest member of #TeamBrick has arrived! It’s been a closely-guarded secret but there’s no hiding it any more: Jack Clarke Mcknight has got such a voice that it’s impossible to keep him under wraps. And he’s using it to make sure that Mum and Dad start forgetting what a good night’s sleep is in a hurry…

So, who is Jack Clarke McKnight? He is the brand-new son of the wonderful Maria, who is our UK Manager here at Brick. Maria is, to put it simply, a magician. Managing the many different day-to-day tasks of our company is no mean feat, not to mention managing the staff and the clients too, all of whom have very different wants and needs that have to somehow be balanced. Maria is an expert at achieving this precarious balancing act and, like all experts, makes it look easy into the bargain.

Now on maternity leave, Maria is quickly learning that ’leave’ is NOT synonymous with ‘time off’. No matter how tough her job at Brick may seem sometimes, it’s nothing compared with the most difficult job of all that she now faces; being a parent. If she can bring the same dexterity, intelligence and patience to motherhood as she brings to her demanding job at Brick then we’re pretty sure she, along with Jack’s dad, is going to raise a very remarkable little boy indeed.

Right now we don't have all the details about baby’s weight and time of birth etc but it’s all on the way. Safe to say that Mum and Baby (and Dad!) are all well and happy and looking forward to their new life together.

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