The New iPhone 11 Family Compared and Contrasted

The New iPhone 11 Family Compared and Contrasted

Apple recently launched the iPhone 11 along with Pro and Pro Max versions. here we look at some of the differences between the three models, which are currently priced at around £729, £1,049 and £1,149 respectively.


The iPhone 11 has a screen size of 6.1", compared to the Pro model's slightly smaller 5.8". With a 6.5" screen, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the largest display of the three. When it comes to weight, the standard model comes in at 194g, a little heavier than the Pro which weighs 188g. Once again, the Pro Max heads the list at a weight of 226g.


Showing the ever-increasing importance to customers of customisation and perso­nali­sation, the iPhone 11 is available in a choice of black, white, green, yellow, purple or red. The Pro versions are additionally available in gold, silver, space grey or midnight green.


Though still superb, the Retina display of the iPhone11 (326ppi, 1400:1 contrast ratio, LCD) is put to shame by the Super Retina XDR displays of both Pro versions. The OLED screens of these models display content at a super-sharp 458ppi with wide colour gamut and a massive 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, both with an output of an impressively bright 1,200 nits.


The 12MP front camera, which features an f/2.4 aperture and is capable of recording images and video at 1080p, is common to all three models of the new iPhone11. The Pro versions also include a telephoto lens with 2x optical and 10x digital zooming capabilities, along with optical image stabilisation.


The iPhone11 boasts an extra hour of battery life compared to predecessor iPhone XR. Both Pro versions beat this improvement considerably, offering four and five hours longer battery life than their previous equivalents. All models charge faster than ever before too, hitting 50% in just 30 minutes with the 18W charger.

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