The keys for a good rich media campaign

Peter Kim, founder of Interpolls, said, "If you think about online advertising, the different formats (standard banner, search, site promotion, etc.) can only have clicks; RM, a marketer can brand with video, interact with questions and collect data. We view it as a brand response solution."

The key to big returns is not to focus everything on rich media, however, but to better integrate other ad formats such as email and display with rich media. One trend that Interpolls is seeing is the addition of voting and sweepstakes to online campaigns. Beginning with reality television voting several years ago, now marketers are asking consumers their opinions and using that information to better engage the consumer. By asking an opinion and then offering some type of offer for than opinion marketers have an even better chance at converting the consumer. The key, of course, is still in the offer.

"If [consumers] are being offered a car versus a single coupon or small discount, there will be an different entry and response rate," said Kim. "Users have to be willing to share their personal information and that means a good offer and good content."

by Kristina Knight

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