SEO Services from Brickweb

SEO Services from Brickweb

Getting your website to rank highly on search results can be tricky business…     

Brick’s team of Analysts, Content writers and marketing specialists work hard to make your business succeed. Search Engine Optimisation is fundamental to this process!

But what is SEO and why is it important?

SEO is an essential marketing strategy that uses methodologies to increase the amount of traffic and conversions to your website, improving the position of your website on Google. The process increases the quality and quantity of traffic through organic search results.  

Visitors use popular search engines like Google, it only makes sense to invest in getting higher rankings!

Chitika, an online ad network, conducted a study that revealed the top search results showing on Googles first page receive 33% of the total available organic traffic. This validates the importance of Internet Marketing for any online business. After that, click-throughs are sparse.

However, don’t panic! Getting to the top of Google isn’t easy, but that’s why we’re here. Brick’s team of qualified specialists optimise your web pages by analysing keywords, studying your competitors, increasing quality backlinks many more actions. #TeamBrick will maximise your online business opportunities!

The good news is once you’ve finally made it to the top 3, you’re likely to stay there. As long as the SEO is kept on top of and updated by our team, you’ll bring in a reliable source of organic traffic to your site that is unlikely to disappear overnight.

A great start is by setting up your “Google My Business” account its a new way to get your company directly on the front page in minutes! It provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look into how customers are clicking through to you. Getting a Google my Business profile gives your company fantastic exposure! Claiming your Google my Business profile is your first step to local marketing. 

Do you want to learn more about Google my Business and how to make your business prosper?

Book your place on our workshop, taking place on Friday the 28th of February at 2:30 pm

Contact our team at or call us 01257 444492 spaces are limited for this popular topic.

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