The Best vs The Rest

The Best vs The Rest

There seems to be a near-infinite amount of individuals and companies online offering you the website of your dreams, that will function perfectly, look amazing and create a buzz that sends your visitor numbers skyrocketing through the roof.

In such a saturated market, you need to look for a company that combines the latest, most creative strategies with solid, long-term experience. That company is Brick.

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter; and that is the Brick CMS (Content Management System). As the nerve centre of the websites we build, it is this technology that sets Brick above the others. Both powerful and simple to use, the CMS is a framework that we use to create bespoke, contemporary websites that rival any other you’ve seen and used.

Every single line of code has been written in house by our own expert team. This means they have a deep understanding of exactly how it all works and don’t have to rely on outside help. The CMS is always updated to reflect the latest changes in the online world and we use powerful open source technology to make sure everything works as good as it looks.

Such a powerful system could be daunting in the amount of features it includes but the Brick CMS is designed to remove that fear, which is often a stumbling block for those new to internet marketing and ecommerce. Our team provide an in-depth tutorial at the start and even the most technologically timid users are quickly navigating like a professional. Added to this is our ongoing personal support along with regular workshops which means that you’ll always be on the ball and up to date with the latest improvements.

When you buy something off-the-shelf, it is made to standard specifications in order to engage as wide an audience as possible. When you go for the bespoke option, you enjoy a product designed around your exact requirements and therefore perfectly tailored to meet them.

Find out more about Brick and our unique, powerful and custom-built CMS; our team is ready and waiting to help you.

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