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Though of course many of our prospective clients find us using major search engines, it is particularly exciting when we are contacted through other methods. Making the right choice between the myriad of web design companies you choose to represent your e-commerce or m-commerce business is an essential part of ensuring its success. Brickweb, with our many years of experience across the ever-changing internet landscape and dedication to continually optimising and personalising our clients’ experience, stand out naturally from the crowd.As recently reported, the UK has the world's largest online shopping market and it is therefore essential to make the right choice of web design and development company to represent your e-commerce or m-commerce business in the crowded online marketplace. Making this choice should not be taken lightly and any company wishing to create a striking, successful internet presence must explore every aspect of a web design company before committing to what should be a long and fruitful partnership. Completely transparent, Brickweb rely on our proven track record and are able to show many examples of our clients' continuing success when using our world-class service.

Fully checking out the chosen shortlist of web design companies was something a prospective client definitely did when researching Brickweb recently. Word-of-mouth remains the very best form of recommendation for any company. The most accurate reviews come directly from users of a particular service and, as such, it is these that we often take the most notice of, particularly when heard from family, friends or colleagues. The company representative personally contacted three of their customers to get feedback on the experience with Brickweb and we are happy to report that all three customers fully recommended us. As the representative said afterwards: "Three good words from three of our respected customers can’t be a bad percentage."

Prospective clients who find a Brickweb site by accident are a source of great pleasure to our close-knit team. For somebody to find our websites so user-friendly that they feel the need to get in contact with us is immensely rewarding and these prospects are among our most exciting. One customer called us recently to discuss creating a custom website for her business after seeing a Brickweb site online. After using the site, she told us that: "I just love the way the website works – so easy to use and the experience as a whole was just enjoyable”.

We would like to thank these company representatives and hope to be working closely with them in the near future - look out for updates on our news page and in our regular, feature-packed newsletter.

To try the comfortable, contemporary Brickweb experience for yourself, simply visit any of the websites on our 'Work' page, and you can also read recommendations from our clients on our 'Testimonials' page.

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