Technology gone too far?

Brick technology try to keep up with the latest technological advancements so that all of our websites and web designs incorporate cutting edge features and enhance the overall customer experience.

However, sometimes we come across an advancement which simply doesn’t prove to be effective and this is an example of technology going too far. The latest in the news is that UK supermarket, Tesco are testing out an in-store sat-nav system.

Now you may laugh as I did, but the whole idea behind this is that it will help customers to get their shopping done in a more efficient manner. Currently they have been trying out a prototype which works with any device running Google’s mobile Android operating system.

This means that you can find the quickest route to the chocolate aisle and there is no need for you to wander around aimlessly or have to ask someone where a product is situated.

The actual system will be an app which requires Android 2.2 or higher to run and you have to have your phone set to allow apps from unknown sources in order for this to work. The system uses in-store WiFi hotspots and location based services in order to track exactly where you are in store and thus it can locate you on the map of the store within just three meters.

This has however raised issues in that 3 meters could place you on the next aisle and thus people are skeptical about the new sat-nav system. You can input your shopping list prior to visiting the store or enter a specific product as you shop.

Tesco said this is in its early stages and there are no further plans as yet until the trial is complete. Who knows what will happen in the world of supermarket shopping.

Meanwhile in the world of online shopping, e-commerce more and more people are choosing to shop online. This increase further highlights the importance of having a user friendly website which customers want to visit and purchase products and services from.

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