Super-Fast Broadband Investment

UK Internet Dieting Plan?

It would seem that within the UK, the diet of our internet is in need of some more nourishment in the form of fibre - fibre optics!

The government has outlined plans to try and ensure that the whole of the UK by 2015 has access to superfast broadband although it has been said that 85% plus will have access to this super-fast broadband soon.

It seemed that there would be further investment into the UK’s fibre optic network, with the backing of this investment it would make speeds of 50Mbps and up become more of the normal rate rather than just having a limited few using these speeds.

Within five years the overall goal which seems pretty realistic is to have every community to facilitate a fibre optic exchange so that at least they will have the facility to be able to cope with these faster speeds. The fibre optics will provide a foundation ready for those fast speeds to be built upon.

With the UK under pressure from rivals, it would seem that these high tech rivals might not have any reason to worry; critics have been quick to comment! Existing copper wiring which collects and brings information both to and from our homes it was suggested that a total of £830million, so just an extra of £50million to be made available for a bit of improvement. However, critics say that this just isn’t enough to be able to compete with such rivals.

The next twelve months will be nail biting! As companies such as Virgin Media and BT set about trying to upgrade their own fibre optics although BT will be trailing a 1Gbps in the New Year, in Essex. Virgin Media hit back by launching a widespread 100Mbps broadband, they are after all owners of the UK’s most comprehensive fibre optic network.

With all these fibre optics going around networking, it would seem that for now the Government had committed to a 5 years plan which will truly change the speeds in which we have on offer to us. We will have the best or at least one of the best broadband networks in Europe.

With the dependency on the internet which we have in our society today, and the need for faster and better speeds, which will be reliable it would seem that just as road users pay road tax to maintain the roads which link us from town to town we need to invest into the network that provides us with our foundation for connectivity!

We can only wait and see, as time will tell or rather show whether the investment will be enough to make a change to the speed of our broadband. Will it be super-fast or a super-mess?

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