Spell Check Your Website

There is nothing more unprofessional than a web design with content which has incorrect grammar and incorrect spellings all over the place. Not only is it off-putting but it also plants seeds of doubt into a user’s mind as to whether or not the website is credible, safe and legitimate.

We always preach about how important content is to a site and we are never going to stop telling our customers about its importance. Google’s new algorithm prioritise new, fresh and engaging content within the search engines and thus if you haven’t kept yours updated you’re going to get pushed aside.

With so many scams going around at the moment people are always on the lookout for anything which doesn’t seem right and items such as incorrect spelling and grammar is one of the things they will look for. It takes a couple of seconds to spell check your content so make sure that before you make any content live on the site it has been thoroughly checked and if you’re not sure about how something sounds then why not get someone else to look over it for you.

Stop and Think!

Your website is going to be judged in the blink of an eye and so unfortunately if yours is full of spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar then the visitor could go somewhere else. They will jump right back out of your site and this in turn will result in a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate.

Spelling Mistakes Affect SEO

As part of internet marketing activities spelling will play a vital role! If there are incorrect spellings then you’re SEO and rankings will be affected. People will search for the correct spelling of the word for the most part and therefore if your website doesn’t contain this then you will not be found because Google and other search engines are not going to rank you for this.

Think about the last time you added content to your website. Did you check the spelling or did you just write the text and shove it on in a hurry?

When was the last time you went through your website landing pages and checked the content on these to see if there were any incorrect spellings?

If you cannot remember when you last checked then maybe you should take some time to double check and ensure everything is as it should be.

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