Spell Check Your Web Design Content

How many times have you been onto a website and found there to be spelling mistakes within the content of the site? It has probably happened to all of us at some point and no matter how cheap their prices are it puts you off because of the possibility of fraud. Content plays a huge role in web design and it is important that you get it right!

Checking the spelling of any text which appears on your website can be tedious however it is such a vital task and very important. The content provides the user with accessibility and readability as well as providing visitors with the information that they want and need. In addition to the visitors which the content helps it also provides the search engines with better crawlability and indexing.

Think about when someone blinks and how quick of a process this is; websites are judged in the blink of an eye and if yours is jammed pack full of spelling mistakes and even sentences which do not make sense then this could become a vital issue.

First impressions are everything and if you cannot even spell what you’re talking about then how are people supposed to be able to see you as a credible business? They will come into your site and jump right back out. With search engines placing emphasis on content, unique content and higher frequency on content many people are panicking and just getting something out there.

However, take the time to check through anything you write because research has shown that when a website has spelling mistakes it ranks lower than one which is free from spelling errors within the search engines.

Will bad spelling affect SEO?

Yes! Search engine optimisation will affected by bad spelling. You need your website to make a good impression and then online business and your credibility. Both are extremely critical factors which will affect that all important bottom line.

Think about the last time you changed, added or wrote content for your website and put it on their live without checking it through. Did you check the spelling of the whole text before it was put live?

When was the last time that you checked the spelling on your site pages? If you cannot remember then maybe you should go back through and double check because with so much fraud going on it is hard for many people to believe that a company or business is legitimate. Spelling mistakes on a website make it even harder for that customer or visitor to the site to believe that this isn’t a case of fraud especially when there is more than one error!

How many visitors come to your site and then jump out? Do you have a high bounce rate? If the answer is yes and you haven’t ever checked for spelling mistakes then maybe you should as it could be the solution to your problem.

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