Specialised Web Solutions: Brochure Websites

Specialised Web Solutions: Brochure Websites

When people think about e-commerce websites, the first thing that comes to mind is a business that sells physical products. But what about businesses that instead provide services? There are many thousands of such businesses and it is of equal importance that they too have a strong presence in the competitive online marketplace.

A business using the internet to promote its services needs what is often termed a 'brochure website'. Like a traditional paper brochure, a brochure website must showcase the services of the business in the best possible light, encouraging customers to choose that business over its many competitors.

Many of Brickweb's clients utilise our cutting-edge array of services to promote their services online. These clients include:

Monarch Personnel

Founded in 1993, Monarch Personnel has grown to become one of the UK's leading providers of logistics and operational support and now boasts an extensive portfolio of clients both national and international. The family-owned business recruits and places individuals into highly-regulated industries including those concerned with petroleum, gas and chemicals. Brickweb built and have been managing the company's brochure website since 2020.

Bachmann Group

Bachmann Group has, since 1974, been providing the marine and offshore industries with a comprehensive array of services and solutions encompassing payroll administration, personnel management, employment services and corporate ownership management. Known globally as standard-setters in these complex and diverse fields, Bachmann Group has been a brochure-website client of ours since 2017.

Like all websites created and managed by Brickweb, our brochure websites are designed with today's discerning internet user firmly in mind. Each website is adaptive and responsive, meaning that it will quickly, seamlessly and automatically be displayed perfectly on any internet-enabled device. Graphics and images are retina-optimised and will appear with sharp visual clarity not only on standard desktops and mobiles but also on tablets, laptops, TVs, big screens and in VR.

All of our clients, including those with brochure websites, can take advantage of the services offered from our Creative Design Studio. We employ a skilled team of graphic artists who have been cherry-picked for their expertise and experience, which allows them to provide the very best photography, video and animation to help promote services online. In addition to website design, the team can also produce stylish brandbooks, effective logos, eye-catching corporate stationery and much more besides.

We'd like to invite you to browse the Brickweb website to find out more about our work in the field of brochure websites, along with details of our comprehensive array of other services and solutions.

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