Social Media Campaigns for Business

Over the last few years social media has played a huge part in how businesses advertise and market themselves online. Most interestingly though it has become apparent now that some of the top brands amongst others are incorporating social media into their marketing and advertising strategies. It has become uncommon to not find brands and companies on sites like Facebook and Twitter – even Brick technology web design has a Facebook and a Twitter!

Many companies are using social media as a way to enhance their products and services but some companies simply are just there- present where the lights are on but nobody is home! They set up their profiles and then just leave them to generate automated Tweets or Comments which have no real life in them, no substance and generate no connection between a company and its customers.

Currently social media is viewed as a easy method to encourage a few sales and drive in more traffic as well as getting companies names and brands out there but social media is much more important than this and when used properly can become a highly effective marketing and advertising campaign. Now has never been a better time to start getting companies involved with social media on a personal level and not through automated, generic Tweets and Comments.

Most recently talked about was a simple yet highly effective idea which arose from London Fashion Week and well known brand Burberry. What they chose to do was just moments before a model stepped out onto the catwalk they Tweeted photographs of the look. It was this which made them third most popular topic globally on social media as all those interested in fashion discussed the various looks.

Brick technology has five top tips to help you take on the world of social media:

  • Firstly you need to know your market; this means you need to decide who your ideal person would be to target and thus choose the social media platforms based on this. There is no point just subscribing to every social media platform if some of them do not hold the people who you ideally wish to target so ensure that you know your market.
  • Secondly when you know your market you should take a look at your competitors and their social media presence. How are they using it to enhance their marketing and advertising? There may be some ideas for what they are doing really wrong but there could be some highly effective methods they are using which could influence your strategy.
  • Our third top tip is to stand out and be creative. With so many companies and businesses on social media sites it is important that you are original. You need to think about each post, comment and tweet in order to ensure it will connect customers to your business. The one mistake everyone makes is to self-promote when social media is not about this, it is about forming personal relationships and when carried out effectively it can make your customers feel like they really know you and your company. Building up this relationship can help in the long term scheme of things as well as short term too.
  • Fourthly it is important that you know what to expect from social media, it may not always have an immediate effect upon what it is you’re trying to achieve. Get familiar with social media and the various platforms before you launch straight in there.
  • Our final top tip and perhaps the most important is to be yourself. Never try to be something you are not because people will work it out and your social media strategy will suffer as a consequence.

As part of Brick technology’s Internet Marketing team we can advise you on how social media can play a huge part on the marketing and advertising of your company, business or brand.

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