Social Media as Internet Marketing It's Make or Break

As we all have been made aware most recently social media is playing a huge part in regard to internet marketing and the make or break of many companies. Recently we saw how famous fashion label Burberry used social media site Twitter to tweet images of their latest range just seconds before it appeared on the runway at London Fashion Week 2011.

The hash tag #Burberry became a worldwide trend and completely took the world by storm! However, social media can have the opposite effect and prove detrimental to a company reputation. Word travels so fast through social media and on such a grand scale; it is for this reason that it is such a good marketing tool but on the other hand put one foot wrong and the social networking world will ensure everyone knows!

The breaking effect was seen most recently with well known mobile phone company, Blackberry. They had been experiencing issues whereby users of their phones have been left unable to connect to the internet for around 3 days. Despite the lack of internet Blackberry users took to social networking sites to voice their anger and frustration at the lack of communication and the mess which Blackberry presented.

Although the issue appears to be solved for the minute the damage to the company reputation caused by social media has proved irreversible for the time being.

Brick technology have been listening out over the last few weeks for tweets about Blackberry and on reading the comments we have come up with what we think our top five are!

  • @brickweb "If you have an iPhone turn it into a Blackberry by enabling the airplane mode"
  • @brickweb "When is a smart phone just a phone? When it is a Blackberry"
  • @brickweb "Blackberry has shown their respect for the loss of Steve Jobs by having three days of silence"
  • @brickweb "What did the iPhone say to the Blackberry? iwork"
  • @brickweb "Before Blackberry pulls a stunt like that again I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

If you have Twitter make sure you are following @brickweb. Social media is becoming a vital tool for internet marketing and can increase traffic to a website. It is important to note though that it can make or break a company and so regular adaptations to your social media strategy should be carried out. Eliminate items which do not work and concentrate on successful social media campaigns and push this forward.

Brick technology will be holding a workshop on Thursday 10th November 2011 at 2pm:

“An Idiots Guide to Facebook and Twitter”

If you require more details or if you would like to attend please email with your name, company and how many people will be attending.

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