Social Marketing Leads To Higher Ad Clicks

A new study by GroupM Search, comScore and M80 reveals how social media have affected the way the consumers click on ads.  The study shows how social media can have an effect on the search behavior of consumers directly affecting the way people discover brands. Consumers who engage brands in social media llike Twitter and Youtube are more likely to search for the brand’s website and ads and click on those ads.  According to the study consumers searching for products are 2.5 times more likely to click on an ad after exposure to the brand’s social marketing.

What does this mean for companies? This means that companies that invest time on social media are really investing on their companies success. Social media has the capacity to reach a wide audience and to get them excited about products and services.  Social media can also get potential clients curious about  the company, pushing the potential clients to search for the company campaigns and ads and actually click on them.

This means that the sooner a company starts using social media, the sooner the company will gain the benefits from the added media exposure.  As many social media experts advice, being present in social media is already half the job.  If you really want to gain the benefits of social media, you must first sign up for the social media you want to use and just be present. This means that you need to use them depending on how you see they would benefit your business.  Based on the result of the study, it would really pay for a company to invest a lot of time in social media.  Social media services are often free but a company does need to invest time on them. This is where reliable yet affordable manpower like a virtual assistant can really help.

A virtual assistant that represents a company online can really help a company play an active role in different social media. 

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