Social Marketing is set to grow by 65 per cent next year

Social media marketing campaigns are starting to attract funding originally earmarked for more traditional campaigns, according to new research.

Research by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), BtoB magazine and marketing firm MKTG has revealed 55 per cent of respondents had shifted money from other areas to pay for their efforts on this emerging platform.

Although the research was conducted in the US, it seems to be indicative of wider trends.

Earlier this year, the Institute of Direct Marketing and the Association of Business-to-Business Agencies revealed that social marketing is set to grow by 65 per cent next year.

Commenting on the latest survey ANA president and chief executive officer Bob Liodice said: "As more media platforms become available, it is imperative that all marketers continue to assess their capabilities and select the platforms that are best suited to help them meet their brand's goals and objectives."

The study also found that 66 per cent of marketers have made use of social media in 2009, compared to 20 per cent in 2007.
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