Selecting Keywords for SEO

Brick technology is often questioned in many Internet Marketing meetings in regards to keywords and keyword phrases in regards to search engine optimisation and page ranking.

The first keyword or phrase that it is good to try and rank for is your brand name. Type in your brand name onto a search engine like Google and see where you are positioned within the results. You can also check this through analytics to save you searching through pages of results. If you do not rank for your brand name then this is something that you should work on achieving.

New search engine algorithms are now allowing a brand to own the full first page of search engine results. In addition to ranking top for your brand name you should also replicate this against brand specific products.

Keyword suggestion tools are great to use for getting recommended keywords for both your site and compare against competitors. When adding keywords ensure you include long tailed searches as well.

When adding your competitor’s homepage URL to the suggestion tool check their list and see if there are any keywords that you have missed off. Once you have a large list of keywords then ensure you narrow this down so that it is relevant, there is a search volume and current status report on it. Ultimately you should pick ten keywords to focus on.

See if there are already any keywords that you are ranking for and if there is then focus one some of these. Looking at searches which are made both globally and nationally you can start to narrow down the focus.

Once the keywords have been selected and targeted make sure that you monitor these, track the trends of the ranks and measure the types of traffic you are getting from each individual search term. Most importantly check whether search terms lead to conversions.

SEO is a lot of hard work, grit and determination early on but once the hard work has been done and it is maintained then the results achieved can become natural and your website will start to rank.

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