Responsive Website Design - Five Reasons Your Business Needs It

Responsive website design is essential in a world where around half (and growing) of all internet usage originates from hand-held devices. Here we present five key ways that owning a responsive website could benefit your online business.

One for All

Companies without responsive web design essentially have to manage two websites - the desktop and the mobile - increasing workload and reducing efficiency. With responsive web design, the need to create multiple strategies for SEO is no longer there and the business can focus its energies more completely on the overall vision.

Browse not Bounce

An adaptive website, when accessed from a mobile device, will attempt to reload the version designed for mobiles; this is usually a slow and error-ridden process which causes the user to cancel, resulting in a ‘bounce’. Responsive design allows the page to open quickly and fit perfectly on the user’s screen, encouraging them to stay and browse.

Search and Find

Google is the giant of search engines and publishes a number of suggestions of ways to achieve high rankings. One of the most important of these suggestions concerns responsive website design and Google has clearly shown it prefers this to mobile templates. A single URL has made it simple for search engine robots to properly index the site and on-page SEO errors are dramatically reduced.

Future Proofed

Maintenance of a responsive website is far easier than that of a mobile version of a website as smart devices are constantly and instantly updated online. To continue to work optimally, mobile websites have to be updated manually each time smartphones are updated, creating a time-consuming, expensive and ultimately unnecessary job. Failing to make these updates increases bounce rate and so the most efficient and reliable option is responsive web design.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

These and other benefits all come together to produce what your business ultimately wants to achieve - increased sales. A dynamic, modern and secure browsing experience is demanded by today’s internet user and competition is fierce, meaning that a business has to stay visible to stay viable. Hitting your target audience, reaching new potential customers, engaging website visitors; all of this can be achieved by choosing the right web design company.

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