Ready to Board the E-Commerce Websites Mothership?

Ready to Board the E-Commerce Websites Mothership?

T-minus two weeks and counting… the Brickweb mother-ship is almost ready to launch! Take your seat on this highly-evolved and supremely-modern vehicle right now - our destination is success and our route is like none you’ve ever travelled before. How do you get your ticket?

Our web development company is extremely proud of our Content Management System (CMS), which we have personally developed, maintained, optimised and evolved as the years have gone on. From minor tweaks to complete overhauls, we have ensured that the CMS has always been avant-garde, embracing the very best that technology has to offer combined with the unique skills of our talented employees.

Now resting on the proverbial launchpad is the newest Brick CMS - version 3.0 - and it is almost ready to go. We are running a few final tests to ensure that everything runs like clockwork, smoothly delivering the most modern internet experience to both our clients and their customers - in just two weeks, the CMS mother-ship of our contemporary websites will be enlivened, enervated and energised with a whole range of new features, each dedicated to improving your online presence and, ultimately, revenue.

As well as being completely responsive, intricately linked with social media and easily scalable for a dedicated mobile app in the Apple Store and on Google Play, the Brick CMS v3.0 will integrate wholly with:

  • Google Shopping - this has been previously known as Froogle, Google Products and Google Product Search. It allows users to compare prices of the same or similar products from different vendors

  • Amazon - the site recently hit the headlines when it surpassed Wal-Mart as the most valuable US retailer

  • eBay - still the most popular auction site of the thousands online, eBay users carry out around 11m searches per hour (figure from January 2016)

  • Shopify - established in 2004, Shopify now has more than 200,000 merchants actively using the site and has a reported gross merchandise volume in excess of US $10bn

Brick CMS v3.0 is something that could immediately and dramatically benefit e-commerce websites of all descriptions. You deserve to have your company properly represented online and we have got all the skills required to do it with elegance, style and panache.

Ready to launch with us into an exciting, profitable future? Your ticket is waiting. Call, email or chat live with us online.

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