Rank Highly Through Article Marketing!

For some people the idea of having to write a article is daunting whilst for others article writing is a passion, a hobby and maybe even a job as in my case here at Brick technology web design working as a editor. By the end of this article you will know what features a fantastic article should have.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to getting your web design to rank highly within the search engine results for your keywords and phrases you need to have a strong internet marketing plan set into place. As part of this internet marketing plan you should think about writing quality articles.

Through articles you can open your business up and build a solid reputation for yourself. In writing regular, interesting and engaging articles you can help to increase traffic to your site. Articles are a great way of marketing and getting a message out to thousands and thousands of potential customers. Believe it or not this is what Brick technology Ltd have been trying to tell you time and time again!

The problem comes when business owners or people within the business do not have the time to write, but it is of extreme importance so if you cannot write them yourself you should seriously think about getting someone to write these for you.

Brick technology are currently offering a fantastic internet marketing package which encompasses everything from search engine optimisation to article writing to sending out newsletters and lots more!

Articles need certain features in order to be successful these include firstly a compelling title. People need to be curious and want to read on to see what the excitement is all about. Your articles can contain interesting and helpful information; the reader needs to feel like they are getting something out of it in the first paragraph otherwise they won’t read on they will go elsewhere.

Where most people go wrong is they create hundreds of articles and submit them to various article submission sites however these are submitted blindly here and there. In reality you need to define exactly where you want to place them, pick article sites which have the most targeted traffic and therefore will have the most benefit to yourself. Ensure you create yourself a system for submission and in doing so you will create a routine.

Brick technology use the top ten article directories to submit our client’s articles to on completion. Sometimes it can be hard to get these accepted as they have vigorous rules on exactly how they want the article to be written. All in all though with a successful routine and acceptance of a article you can spread the word of your online business and increase traffic to your website.

A great article marketing strategy can really help your SEO especially recently with the new Google Algorithm being released, some call it Google Fresh but officially it is called Caffeine 2.0. This is Google putting emphasis on site content and how regularly it is updated. Therefore you need to ensure that fresh, relevant and unique content is added to your site on a daily basis.

Brick technology can help you to create this content through internet marketing, for more information then please contact us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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