Promoted Videos: Be discovered on YouTube

There are now 20 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute which means making sure your video is seen by the right people at the right time is no mean feat. How does a savvy marketer uploading a YouTube video get discovered and build up a fan base? and how can a top brand immediately test the effectiveness of new ad creative on YouTube? Not every business can rely on the word-of-mouth approach that has turned an imaginative wedding planner into a world-wide sensation!

Now, every business in the UK can now benefit from Promoted Videos, a new advertising programme that combines the precision of AdWords with the power of YouTube. Through the new AdWords interface, advertisers of all sizes will now be able to create a Google style campaign that is Keyword targeted and priced on performance (CPC) to trigger their video ad in locations across YouTube and the Google Content Network where users generally go to discover great videos.

In addition to being a great resource for advertisers, this will also enable improved monetization for YouTube Partners and publishers across the content network.

Similar to sponsored links on Google, the advertiser will only pay for their Promoted Video when a user clicks on their ad. Advertisers will also be able to add a "Call-to-Action" clickable overlay to their Promoted Videos, allowing them to drive viewers to a website off YouTube, helping them to drive more conversions.

Promoted Videos are a combination of a video and an advertisement, and like sponsored links on Google, are a great way to run a direct response campaign. They are also a great way to raise brand awareness as well. Anyone can use Promoted Videos to make sure their video ads find a larger audience, whether they are a start-up business trying to break out with a new product or service, a film studio seeking to promote an exciting movie trailer, or a car manufacturer, looking to promote a new car model.

With Christmas around the corner we hope Promoted Videos will provide advertisers with the ability to reach the right people at the right time and at a price of their choosing.

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