Printwear & Promotion

Printwear & Promotion

With the massive and ever-growing surge in demand for personalised products, the print on demand market increases in size every day. This results in the number of companies offering such services growing corres­pon­dingly, making the market more and more competitive. It has therefore never been more important to make sure that YOUR company functions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The logistics involved with managing a merchandising factory are numerous and complicated. From creating products to fulfilment and every one of the many steps in between, the time (and money!) spent on each operation soon adds up. That's why Brickweb, a highly-renowned web development agency with more than 20 years of experience and expertise, designed the Brick Factory.

Based entirely in the cloud and so requiring no software installation, the Brick Factory is a simple yet exceptionally powerful turnkey solution for the print on demand industry. Comprising a comprehensive array of user-friendly features, the Brick Factory is a game-changing way to manage every aspect of your print on demand business.

  • Use the state-of-the-art design toolbox to create an infinite variety of logos, motifs and images
  • Maximise your portfolio with a huge database of products from top suppliers
  • Integrate the Brick Factory with major e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Wix, Squarespace and WordPress. You can even integrate unique stores with ease
  • Streamline and automate your entire workflow
  • Enjoy at-a-glance information about every aspect of your operation on your customised production dashboard
  • Access the Brick Factory 24/7 in real-time from any internet-enabled device

You are invited to experience the Brick Factory with a cost- and obligation-free demonstration. Contact Brickweb on +44 (0) 1257 444492 or by email at to book yours.

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