Print on Demand: The Brick Factory is Waiting for YOU to Enter...

"Everything starts with one step... or one brick."Jeremy Gilley, English Filmmaker & Actor

"The man who builds a factory builds a temple... the man who works there worships there. To each is due reverence and praise."
Calvin Coolidge, US President 1923-1929

The idea of owning a business is incredibly attractive and is an idea, indeed a dream, that is shared by millions of people. The fact that actually doing so is incredibly difficult is so obvious that it barely warrants mentioning. A study commissioned by Geniac found that launching a startup in the UK costs around of £5,000, with the business going on to spend an average of £22,756 in the first year alone. The same study also revealed that significantly less than half of SMEs (42.4%) survive the first five years. 

These figures are only averages and of course different types of business have corres­pon­dingly-different barriers to entry. A type of business that fares especially well in this respect is one that offers Print on Demand (PoD) services, particularly when it comes to producing customised clothing. In this edition of the Brickweb blog, we are going to share some top tips with those individuals who want to get into this dynamic, fast-growing and lucrative sector. 

It all starts with harnessing the creativity that has initially attracted you to the idea of establishing your own custom clothing brand. Get those concepts out of your head and turn them into a concrete, visible reality; don't be afraid to work with a graphic designer in these opening stages. You only need a small number of designs, say eight to ten, to launch your brand. Don't forget that each design can be supplied to customers in any of a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours and more.

A key element that makes getting into the PoD industry more cost-effective than starting up other types of business and reduces the risk of losses is the fact that the traditional need to purchase and store inventory no longer exists. Instead, each garment is manufactured only after a customer has ordered it. If no orders are made, you can turn this apparent setback into an advantage, allowing it to inform you on how your designs need to change and evolve. 

Now, armed with your unique designs, it is time to move forward and start addressing the practical aspects of actually getting them seen by potential customers. Then, when these potential customers become actual paying customers, you'll have to be ready to produce their order and deliver it to them.

This is where Brickweb (a leading e-commerce development agency with well over two decades of experience, an exceptional reputation and a proven track record of success) come into the picture. The latest in a long line of innovations, each of which has embraced cutting-edge technologies and revolutionised businesses of all types, is The Brick Factory.

A game-changing business automation tool designed expressly for the PoD sector, The Brick Factory is the only platform you will ever need. Interested? Check out our website to learn more and, when you realise that a simple phone-call is the only thing standing between you and your own PoD business, get in touch with our team.

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