Piracy, Infringing Websites and Illegal File-Sharing

There is a massive campaign going on in order to stop piracy. The Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA as it is known aims to stop online ad networks and payment processors from doing business with foreign websites accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement.

This is no laughing matter piracy is a crime and when a copyright infringement occurs it is taken extremely seriously. If action is taken against the campaign then we could see search engines banned from linking to any infringing sites.

It goes further though; the campaign could result in domain name registrars being forced to take down any infringing websites as well as service providers having to block access to the sites.

Despite opposition concerning copy right infringement and especially copyright infringement concerning file-sharing the government is pushing ahead with the piece of legislation which could prove to be an exceptionally controversial change.

Advertisements on search engines such as Google could be removed if they link to a site which encourages illegal file-sharing or infringes any copyrights which are in place.

The real consideration is that if people are already breaking the law on copyright and illegal file-sharing if advertisements and torrents are removed from showing up within search engine results then there still are other methods and routes which they can take to get to the site.  

Will removing websites which break copyright infringements and ones which facilitate illegal file-sharing from search engine results really mean that people will stop? We aren't so sure!

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