Oxford University’s Cyber Security Centre

The well-known and highly prestigious Oxford University have now announced plans to protect the UK’s data from cyber criminals through opening their brand new Cyber Security Centre in the hope that this will be the answer to the growing threat of cyber terrorism and online crime.

Their initiative is going to aim to work on strengthening security measures which are already in place and also providing help and assistance to protect business and government data which may be sensitive getting to hackers, cyber criminals, cyber terrorists and ultimately ending up in the wrong hands.

With new innovations and cutting edge technologies always being introduced this new Cyber Security Centre will house much needed research into how we can tackle growing threats planned by cyber terrorists and cyber criminals online. They are getting cleverer and as this crime grows online it is important that we grow our knowledge on how to tackle it.

Oxford University has received £5 million in funding for the centre and this has meant that there will now be twelve permanent employees and then a further twenty five research staff and 18 doctoral students too. These employees will come from various departments within the university itself.

Within the modern world offline and indeed with our modern world online such as our web design industry then data is becoming more and more valuable and whether this is information on a family PC such as bank details or whether this is military and government computers which are harbouring top secret plans and missions then protective measures need to be addressed and implemented.

What is amazing about the Oxford University Cyber Security Centre is that it has been set up to be able to anticipate, deter, detect, resist and tolerate attacks whilst being able to understand and predict cyber risks. As if this isn’t enough the centre will also be capable of responding and recovering data effectively at all levels whether this involves an individual, enterprise, business, national or across a international market.

Many have warned that if we continue to allow cyber criminals and cyber terrorists to grow then they may well become more harmful than criminals out in the real world. We can only hope that this centre is the first of many which will join together in order to fight back against cyber attacks from cyber criminals and cyber terrorists.

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