Our History, Your Future

Our History, Your Future

At a time when the number of web development companies is at an all-time high, it can be difficult and confusing to choose the right one. As a digital agency with many years experience of the changes and developments of e-commerce, Brickweb represent a vast and diverse range of clients, providing a comprehensive and personalised range of internet services.

Brickweb was established in 1996 as a web design company in Blackburn. The dedicated work put in by our specially-selected team quickly gained attention and more clients began to join us to experience for themselves the superior levels of quality and expertise provided by our websites. As we have grown, we have also evolved to embrace the most current technologies, offering a complete e-commerce package from initial website design through to branding, social media and targeted news campaigns.

At the heart of the Brickweb philosophy is the belief that, as every business is different, a website will need to be carefully planned and built around the client's needs to have the maximum impact. This is one of the many ways in which we favourably differ from most web development companies; by thinking of the website as an ongoing service rather than simply a product that is bought and sold, Brickweb offer our clients a fully-rounded service that grows, develops and evolves with changing business, consumer and technological trends.

Becoming a Brickweb client begins with a free, no-obligation review of a business' current web presence, if any, before an in-depth consultation takes place. If, after this consultation, the client wishes to continue, more detailed discussions will take place, allowing the client an active role in shaping the design and features of the website in order to achieve the stated business objectives. Throughout their time with Brickweb, clients are offered focused meetings during which evaluation and planning will take place, driving the business forward and refreshing the relationship on a regular basis. In addition to these private client meetings, Brickweb also organise free, regular workshops that allow clients to meet with each other in a more informal setting to share ideas and information.

Clients who choose to allow Brickweb to manage their internet marketing instantly experience a dramatic and sustained rise in traffic thanks to, amongst other things, our superior understanding of search engine technology. Our expert technical team constantly update our systems in order to propel our clients higher up in the list of internet search results, altering and optimising to make sure all major search engines are covered; many of our clients enjoy pole position on search engines such as Google and Bing. A proven track record of success includes several companies who, after becoming Brickweb clients, achieved the milestone of £1m in sales.

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