Online Marketing .Vs. Other Advertising

Online Marketing has been growing in popularity for some time now but it has been suggested that unfortunately it is taking a huge chunk of revenue away from print advertising as well as away from TV.

For some reason though big companies are still choosing to spend millions each year on TV advertisements but more in depth research has shown that the majority of people watch TV whilst actually using the internet.

This now could mean a variety of things, either there could be a joint approach where internet marketing and TV marketing come together in order to try and drive customers to a website or it could signal the beginning stages to the end of TV advertising.

The increase of portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and the iPad has made access to the internet possible almost anywhere and everywhere. The internet has only really been around for just over ten years; already it has made such a huge impact on the way in which we advertise.

Although it is hard to get your head around internet marketing once you get into the routine of carrying out the tasks involved then it is easy to go from strength to strength and before you know it you can be ranking on the first page of Google if not the first place!

Search engine optimization plays a huge role within internet marketing. A technique which is always changing and remains uncertain to the majority Brick technology, web design have had many years experience within this particular technique and have dedicated experts ready to work with you on your site today!

With search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others actually driving more than half the purchases which are made online it is important that your name appears on the first page as close to the top, if not top! A lot of aspects go into Internet Marketing such as keyword analysis, competitor analysis, on-page optimisation, deep site optimisation, valuable link building, solutions for non-search engine compatible sites and solutions for catalogue sites, article submission and position reporting.

When all these are monitored then real results can be achieved. Things are changing including internet marketing and if you don’t change with the times then you get left behind:

“Evolution or Bust”

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