New Report Reveals Mobile Website Growth

New Report Reveals Mobile Website Growth

A new report shows that almost three quarters of business-to-business (B2B) produce and supply companies now say that using e-commerce websites and applications are their primary marketing strategy for mobile. The report, compiled and recently released by respected internet marketing company Regalix Research, took into account the views of more than 400 senior marketing executives from a wide and diverse range of industries.

The survey that is at the heart of Regalix’s study, entitled ‘The State of B2B Mobile Marketing 2015’, was carried out in June of 2015 and questioned in detail the mobile habits of 422 marketing executives. Respondents were from a cross-section of industries from business software to telec­om­mu­nica­tions experts. Around half of the respondents were based in the USA with the rest made up from a selection of global regions.

Key figures from the Regalix survey include:

  • 65% of companies own and operate a mobile website and mobile application to promote and facilitate their business

  • 50% design web pages that are optimised to load quickly and seamlessly on mobile devices

  • 43% create personalised mobile web content, aimed at the known interests of their website visitors and customers

  • Increasing customer engagement and brand-awareness was seen as important for operators of mobile e-commerce websites, with 63% and 67% respectively citing these goals

The authors of the influential report conclude that: “Marketers, with the help of their digital partners, need to outline a mobile marketing technology strategy that makes the mobile platform more relevant and integral to the B2B business process.” Choosing the right digital partner, such as a well-established web development company like Brick technology, is essential to success in the mobile generation.

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