Need an Upgrade? – The Top 5 Reasons to Work with Brickweb

Customers buying products and services online continue to grow more demanding and discerning. Only websites that offer customers a sleek, responsive and contemporary online experience are succeeding while their competitors become lost in a hopeless maze of panning, scrolling, clicking and zooming.

If you are thinking about upgrading your website with the help of a world-class web development agency, then here are the top five reasons to begin your revolutionary experience with Brickweb.

1 – Our Team.

Hand-picked from the best of the best available, our team comprises a skilled collection of technicians, programmers, artists, writers, internet marketing experts and efficient administrative staff.

This team has been designed to work both as a whole entity as well as in individual sections, constantly ensuring that every aspect of every clients' website is fully, accurately and responsibly maintained. When contacting us, all of our staff can be spoken to individually as we never outsource any of our work, allowing you to reach the most relevant team member for your particular query.

2 – The Brickweb CMS.

Our CMS (Content Management System) is one of the most advanced available today yet still maintains an incredibly high level of user-friendliness. With simple yet powerful control, our clients can quickly add, edit or remove content, allowing the website to remain constantly fresh.

The CMS also offers invaluable insights into the behaviour of visitors, showing in a variety of easily-understandable ways how, why and when people come to your website. As well as controlling all of these aspects, our custom-built and unique CMS also provides full internal sales management from stock reports to price changes and voucher codes or promotions.

3 – Adaptive and Responsive Websites.

Anyone who has accessed a standard desktop website using a mobile or tablet will be well accustomed to the irritation and frustration such sites cause.

Slow loading times and incorrect resolutions often cause visitors to quickly abandon the website, not prepared to tolerate this primitive online experience. A large and sadly ever-growing number of e-commerce businesses are beginning to feel the effects of not optimising their site for mobile and tablet users. Brickweb sites instantly recognise the device from which they are accessed, optimising the display perfectly while providing he quickest loading times.

4 – Growth and Learning.

As our team work so incredibly hard to make sure they are fully conversant with the very latest in web development, we feel it is extremely beneficial to our clients that this knowledge is fully shared. With this in mind, we continue to create and provide regular monthly workshops focusing on a variety of relevant topics to our diverse range of clients.

Past workshops have been themed on social media, getting the best from the Brickweb CMS, seasonal optimisation (e.g. for Christmas and Easter), mobile websites and current internet trends. The workshops offer a chance for Brickweb clients to meet in an informal yet informative setting and past participants have offered consistently appreciative feedback. As well as the scheduled workshops, we also offer an 'on-demand' training service whereby the relevant member of our skilled and professional team will be happy to guide you through your chosen topic offering clear, concise and competent advice.

5 – Round-the-Clock Support.

Always just a click or a phone call away, our team are consistently on-hand to provide full support with every aspect of your Brick website, ensuring its constant smooth running.

Our online 'Live Help' service is a fantastic way to contact us with any issues as it instantly provides a full status report to the dedicated online operator, saving valuable explanation time.

We have and maintain an enviable record of quickly identifying and repairing any problems that you may encounter.

Your Brickweb experience can begin today — just call our team on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email us at to arrange a no-obligation consultation and review of your current online strategy absolutely free. Brickweb – The future of e-commerce.

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