Need an M-Commerce Makeover? — 3 Hot Tips

Need an M-Commerce Makeover? — 3 Hot Tips

After a long and miserable winter, we have been tragically grateful for a few hours of sunshine here and there recently. It’s given us a taste of spring and put a spring in our step too! Our Blackburn office is getting a makeover and we think that it’s time your company had one as well - here are three reasons to let Brickweb spring-clean your business and create a brand-new, sparkling e-commerce website that gives you the edge on the competition.

A Date with History?

The aesthetic needs of today’s internet user must always be catered to - if your website is looking old and dated then visitors aren’t going to stick around for long. The same rule goes for loading times and anything more than a couple of seconds waiting risks loss of engagement and, ultimately, a damaged reputation and loss of potential conversions. First impressions count so make sure your website grabs the visitor from the first moment - we can show you how.

Managing the King

Content is King and your website needs lots of it - not just filler but genuine, relevant and regularly-updated content. All of the best kings have had a strong, powerful and intelligent Queen pulling strings behind the scenes and our Content Management System (CMS), bespoke-built from scratch and regularly updated with the latest security features, takes that regal role here. Let the unique Brickweb CMS provide you with a safer, more efficient web presence.

Make it Mobile

This time last year, we were advising that having a mobile-friendly website was extremely important and would rapidly become more so. This proved correct beyond even our wildest expectations and we now advise that e-commerce websites simply MUST be mobile-friendly - if they aren’t, customers will not be able to enjoy a seamless experience across all devices and your website will also be penalised in search-engine rankings.

Now is the time for action and we invite you to contact us today to find out more reasons to partner with Brickweb web development company. There is a world of opportunity just waiting to be discovered and you need to discover it with an experienced, intelligent guide - that’s where we come in. Check details here of our FREE SEO Powerhouse trial and detailed report.

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