Mobile Websites VS Mobile Applications

Mobile Websites VS Mobile Applications

With the number of people using a mobile device to access the internet far exceeding the number of people using a desktop, it's absolutely essential that any ecommerce website should have a mobile-friendly website. Adaptive and responsive, a mobile version of your website will allow users an uninterrupted browsing experience. But there is a better option: a mobile application.

Mobile apps are fast becoming a must-have for companies selling products and services in the ever-more crowded online arena. There are many reasons why a dedicated mobile app is more desirable than the basic mobile-friendly website and here are just three of them...

  1. Apps allow for better perso­nali­sation. The personal touch is something that is often lacking from internet-based transactions but a mobile app offers you the best way to more precisely tailor your company's communication with users. Preferences can be set right from the start while the app tracks and observes user engagement, customising recommendations and updates based on users' interests, behaviour, purchasing history, physical location and more. 
  2. Apps make sending notifications easier and more effective. As a tool of business communication, email continually becomes less effective due to overuse: both open rates and clickthrough rates continue to decrease. Mobile app notifications are an extremely viable alternative to email, giving businesses a less intrusive method of communicating with app users.
  3. Apps allow mobile device features to be used. As opposed to mobile websites, mobile apps have the distinct advantage of being able to utilise features inherent to the mobile devices: such features include camera, contact list, compass, accelerometer and GPS. Using these native features within an app can make the user experience more fun and interactive, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

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