Mobile Websites at Brick

You have to move with the times and this has never been so important now when times are getting tough financially. Brick technology has been creating some fantastic mobile websites for a number of clients and these have been causing quite a stir.

Normally when you go to a website and they haven’t got a mobile website you will be faced with what you would normally view on a desktop PC or laptop however it will have been miniaturised and will be hard to navigate.

Mobile websites make navigation of your website more user friendly as they will incorporate “fat finger technology” or “big button technology” as it is being called within the web design industry.

When a user lands on your site from a mobile device this will be automatically recognised and thus they will be taken to the mobile website which will feature the more easy to use navigation buttons. The buttons are larger in size and so the user can click using their fingers as is the case with most mobile devices.

We have already seen a number of fantastic mobile devices go through our production team and with everyone moving towards mobile devices and accessing websites and information on the go can you really afford to be missing out on customers simply because your site is too difficult to operate?

If you are not sure and do not know much about mobile websites then why not speak to a member of our team who can explain further and in more detail about how a mobile website could really help you and your customers!

For more information then please contact or contact us on 01254 277190 and speak to Martin.

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