Mobile Websites. Are we there yet Dad?

Mobile web users are on a steep rise. Don't ignore that currently in the UK 14% of web browsers now access the Internet from their mobile device. This is due to a convergence of things, better hardware, cheaper connectivity packages and more and more of us on the move!

If you haven't got a mobile website yet, please contact Brick for details. you need to start thinking about your mobile website as a sibling to your normal site. Take a look on your mobile device right now, how does your website look? Maybe you're doing okay with your regular website but Google and Google Mobile are different. Is your site indexed when you search on your mobile phone? If it is, how does it look?

Here are a couple of pointers to make sure your mobile site is indexed in Google's Mobile Search... 

1. Create your mobile sitemap then submit it so that Google knows you're alive. You can do this by using Google Webmaster Tools, just like you do (or your Brick account manager) does with your xml sitemap.

2. If you're doing this yourself please make sure "Googlebot-Mobile" can easily access your website, make sure that you allow any "*" User-agent through. "Google may change its User-agent info without notice".."

3. Make sure you test your mobile-friendly URLs' DTD (Doc Type Definition) declaration is in the appropriate mobile format such as XHTML.

For more information on how you can get a mobile website and have it increase your web/search visibility by 14% (projected to rise in the UK to 28% by the end of 2010) please contact us. If you are already a Brick client, we'll be demonstrating at our December workshops.

The demographics and users in this channel are slightly different to the regular profile of standard websites, it might be right up your street!

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