Mobile Shopping Given Another Boost by Apple

The popularity of shopping on a smartphone or tablet continues to grow as technology develops. This popularity looks set to receive another boost soon with the revelation that Apple are further advancing their Near Field Communications (NFC) project.

The US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's patent application on May 2nd 2013. Apple have been developing NFC technology since 2008 and have established the foundations for its growth in shopping, banking and extended inter­con­nec­tivity between devices. The recent patent application details proposed methods for setting payment preferences in a future e-commerce app, dubbed 'The Shopping App', that Apple is soon to release.

Apple have filed a number of patent applications for HFC technology since 2008, which have covered a diverse range of facilities including tickets and travel. The invention features techniques for making purchases and related transactions on any smart device. Devices will be custom-configured to perform a number of intuitive functions, such as recognising a particular retailer and recommending payment methods that will provide added benefits when used at that retailer. It will be possible to initiate purchase transactions directly and make instant payments, or wait for the user's feedback before proceeding. If a particular product or service is chosen, the device will be able to recommend further purchases based on these choices and again recommend the most appropriate and beneficial payment method. Preferences relate to current balance, interest rate, rewards, bonuses and special offers can all be set and the final payment is made with a single tap of the two connected devices.

New developments in mobile technology are driving businesses forward and revolutionising their e-commerce practices. Providing customers with the widest range of buying options and a dedicated mobile website allows a business to remain current and contemporary, presenting customers with a seamless and modern shopping experience.

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