Mobile Apps: The Future of Retail

The rise and rise of the smartphone has altered the retail landscape beyond recognition over the past few years. According to figures released by App Annie, the first half of 2018 saw the biggest biannual growth period for shopping apps, with a massive 2bn apps downloaded.

Perhaps the oldest retail adage is 'the customer must come first' and this is still just as true for online businesses as for more traditional brick and mortar stores. Research repeatedly shows that customer experience plays a crucial role in engagement; this is true regardless of the channel of communication. Mobile apps allow a business to get closer to the customer than ever before.

Modern retailers need a mobile app, it's as simple as that. The retail landscape continues to become more competitive, as new, digital-native and mobile-savvy entrants emerge every day. Reaching your customers, understanding their needs and behaviour and adapting accordingly has never been more important and, by working with Brick Technology, you can achieve these aims with consistent success.

Mobile apps from Brick Technology are purpose-built and -designed around the unique requirements of your business. With our extensive practical knowledge and experience, we can create a complete online presence for your retail business, allowing you to race ahead of your competitors.

Find out more about Brick mobile apps on our website and get in touch to start your journey to online success.

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