Mobile Apps and Eating Insects: What's the Connection?

Mobile Apps and Eating Insects: What's the Connection?

When it comes to mobile internet, the app is where it’s at. People spend more time using mobile apps than anything else and so having one is incredibly important for any company or organisation which wants to stay visible and viable in the online arena. Brick offer a complete service in this regard, covering all of the aspects from preliminary design to maintenance and upgrades.

The popularity of the app increases all the time and this can be particularly noticed in the entertainment industry. People want to have fun when using apps and companies want to make revenue from them: combining these two pressing needs is simple and the most successful apps deliver both with ease.

Even if you don’t watch television, you can’t fail to be aware of the popular programme ‘I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!’, in which celebrities live together in the jungle and carry out tasks and challenges to earn food and treats. The series has been running for several years and attracts millions of viewers. These viewers can interact with the show by voting on which celebrity they want to perform the grotesque tasks, which involve eating repugnant foods and being covered in insects and other creepy-crawlies.

When the show first started, viewers could use premium rate phone lines and the show's website to cast their votes, but there is now a mobile app too. The app offers a complete experience, with celebrity profiles, news updates and games along with the voting facility. Putting everything together in this way encourages even more people to vote, increasing revenue and getting them even more involved with the show.

Many celebrities also have their own apps, which are incredibly successful at promoting their careers and also make them even more money. Kim Kardashian was recently revealed as the highest-earning reality TV star; her app has been installed on millions of mobiles and charges a monthly fee. On the app, fans get regular news about what Kim is up to as well as getting access to online games all about the star.

Whatever line of business you’re in, a mobile app can help it live up to its full potential. Contact Brick today and find out how to start the process.

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