Media Production is Causing Excitement at Brick!

It has been an exciting week at Brick technology Ltd as our media production team has been high in demand! We have been shooting a promotional video for one of our premium clients. The work that has gone into this project has been non-stop!

Firstly our media production team had to understand exactly what the video production entailed, understand it and then draw up various mood boards surrounding their thoughts on how different aspects should be. From this a storyboard of events was drawn up along with a schedule which would outline team member’s respon­sibi­lities and shooting times.

This particular promotional video needed a female presenter; we needed her to be fun, flirty and well spoken. It was down to our media production team to source some appropriate candidates and invite them in for screen testing.

Before screen testing could take place we had to write a script which would give us some material to test the candidates on how well they presented and their camera presence. Also we needed to outline what we wanted to happen in the background. As this would be talking about a promotion online as part of their web design it was decided that along with company logos there would be screenshots of their website, products and various features of the promotion in the background.

On selection of these candidates a number were invited to our Brick technology design studio where everything was in place for a potential shoot. We ran through the script with them and got them comfortable with our staff members. After rehearsal of the scrip we showed them the design studio, positioned them and started the cameras rolling.

It was clear to see that a number of candidates were not quite what we were looking for but one fitted our specification perfectly. Ashley Rees brought a professional, bright and bubbly personality to our screens. She put her own twist onto the script and our test filming went perfect.

Next we needed our makeup artist to step in, understand the design brief and set about transforming Ashley. In this case we wanted attention on her eyes and lips and so the makeup was applied in such a way it actually focused on these features.

As this was a Christmas promotion we needed Ashley to be relevant; costume and presentation was key as it is with all of our media productions at Brick technology. A Santa outfit which was classy and red in colour with fur around the edges added the perfect Christmas touch to our production.

With all the planning out of the way, candidates and outfits sorted as well as our design studio and cameras, lighting and sound being set up correctly it was time to shoot!

Today we have started to shoot one of the promotional videos for this client – it is all extremely exciting and we are all looking forward to seeing our efforts and passion in this fantastic promotion video. Filming is going to continue for a couple of days and we look forward to showing to potential customers what Brick technology Media Production team can do for you.

For more information regarding our media production then please contact us on 01254 277190 or email

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