M-commerce Websites - Importance Grows in Web Development

The Fire Phone, a smartphone created by major online retailer Amazon, is set to become a major player in the continuing expansion of m-commerce. The device, which makes use of 3D navigation systems, is available with the Firefly feature, while allows its users to photograph a product in store and locate it on Amazon’s website, often at a cheaper price than the rival retailer whose store the product has been seen in.

Amazon is already responsible for a massive amount of m-commerce and this is set to extend with the use of the Firefly. As a high-street store is almost certainly unlikely to offer a particular product at a lower price than can be found online, Amazon is predicted to experience a massive boost to its m-commerce sales, including in non-physical products such as music and application downloads.


Although this is not a new advance (Windows smartphones already allow users to carry out a similar photograph-based search for products), Amazon’s entry into this market highlights the growing importance of the m-commerce market, which is currently responsible for around 20% of all online transactions.

It is clear that the m-commerce market continues to grow in importance and any website that does not offer a responsive and adaptive experience is now likely to become less popular. At Brickweb Web Development Lancashire, we do not like to make any e-commerce or m-commerce business feel uncomfortable but the continuing progression of technology forces our hand - the plain truth is that your website will not succeed if it is not mobile-ready.

Brick technology web development Lancashire specialise in the provision of responsive, adaptive, mobile-friendly websites and can also create the mobile applications that modern customers require as standard. Allow us to bring your business from the e-commerce past into the m-commerce present; call us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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