Linkedin tips 1 of 5

Linkedin tips 1 of 5

The very first thing we suggest is to get the very basics in place before you start exploiting LinkedIn’s more powerful features. First, optimise your personal profile, think what keywords or phrases your customers would use to find you. The key to a great LinkedIn profile isn’t to display what you do, but what you can do for your potential and existing customers. For example try not to say "We do this..." , "We do that..." but more about what it means to your visitors and prospects.

Also, remember that LinkedIn is a social network—the key word being "social". To start, engage with prospects through sharing, commenting and liking. This is key to building trust and relationships and understanding the conversation on the platform—before you jump in with your own content.

Linkedin Company Pages: Create your company’s page as the home of your content and social strategy, so as well as your profile publish and share relevant content/­information on your Linkedin company page every day if possible.

More Linkedin tips to follow..

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