Link Building for Google’s Penguin and Panda

There have been many sites who believe that they have been hit by the new latest Google Algorithm, Penguin. This is Google’s over-optimisation algorithm but how can you be so sure that it was Penguin that got you and not the Panda? However confusing this all may be the bottom line is traffic on sites is down and it’s starting to cause concern for many who have a web design.

For small businesses who didn’t have the funds to be able to run huge advertising campaigns they bought into link building schemes so they could appear on the search results and now because of their spammy sites they are being pushed back down the results.

Link building is not a substitute for an internet marketing plan but with all these confusing animals getting in the way what can you do without being penalised? Brick technology shed some light on the situation of how to generate links without annoying Google:

Offline Link Building

This is something which people often overlook but things like sponsoring your kids football team and getting your name on their football shirts for cheap might be a great way just to build some awareness. You may get links from the football league’s website and it gives you an excuse to take some pictures of the team for your Facebook business page and then connect with parents to get them to tag into them. This brings us onto the next idea which we have had for link building…

Do Something Good in the Community

We are not talking about going around and making all the elderly people their tea! Oh no what we are talking about is to maybe run a fundraiser for a charity which is local. Organise an event which the whole community can be involved in and everyone can do their bit but if you organise it then you can get your company name branded everywhere raising awareness whilst doing something really special. Some of the newspapers locally may even give you a link which is great for SEO.

Get Involved in your Business Association

This is a great way to network with other businesses, get word of mouth recommendations and get some fantastic links and citations from this. This benefits your business association as well as every single member because you can all help to market one another.

Run a Competition or Contest

Competitions and contests get attention because people have the chance to win something. Get a price or even get involved in a competition or contest and donate a competition prize – one of your products which are branded. This will generate lots of interest and people who enter obviously want the prize so if they do not win they may be tempted to purchase anyway. It’s all about putting your brand, products and services into the public eye and a competition prize doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or cost a lot as many often think.

Make Some Media Productions

It is so easy nowadays to create your own low-cost media productions but one of the easiest things to do is to create your own video and then share this around locally, nationally and globally through say Twitter and Facebook.

There are a number of ways in which you can link build however; you need to stop thinking of search engine optimisation as some secret black magic like that found in the Harry Potter films. SEO is simply something to compliment your internet marketing plan.

Do not worry about those Penguins and Pandas; come to Brick technology web design and let us handle all of your link building as part of your internet marketing team.

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