Latest Google Algorithm... trouble ahead?

As we know Google regularly makes changes to their algorithm. The latest change has caused a flood of complaints from webmasters in the USA who have up to now had great rankings in Google's search engine and yesterday found themselves plunging down the results. America sneezes and the UK gets a cold... Brick predict that the UK will see these changes over the next few days.. Previously good quality websites with great rankings have found themselves pushed way down.

Brick are working furiously over this weekend to take corrective action for our Internet Marketing and SEO clients. We don't claim to have the inside track on what Google are up to, if we did we'd be zilliionairres by now, however, we have observed who is falling and some of the reasons why. Even Google are saying they might have got their new algorithm wrong and are "revisiting" after applying their latest major change codenamed "farmer".

Previously great ranking sites in the USA are plunging and one of our major observations is that it is affecting websites that have used low ranking article submission websites, off target social networking links and poor back linking methods. We expect this new algorithm rollout to hit the UK in the next few days.

Time and time again, we advise our clients to concentrate on great quality content. If you write compelling content regularly it will be noticed and naturally re-distributed or linked to. Forget the "dark arts".

There are a lot more changes in this latest Google farmer alogrithm and the team at Brick are keeping a close eye on things and taking immediate and corrective action. Thank goodness our people in the USA and Canada saw this happening and got to work instantly.

If you see your rankiings fall in the next few days, or if you weren't up there anyways, please give us a call to find out about the Internet Marketing and SEO services Brick technology can provide. Of course Internet Marketing is not just SEO there are a lot of other strings to our bow. Whatever we do for our clients they can be sure that our methods are ethical and of fantastic quality. We focus on the objectives and not just the tasks.

Best wishes
Kenneth Clarke
Marketing Director
Brick Canada

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