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The largest UK manufacturer of custom made compression garments for therapy and orthotic profes­si­onals.
1st July 2016
Jobskin Limited
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Website, Internet Marketing
We first came across Brick whilst reviewing a competitor website! We liked what we saw and the initial contact was made…

After our first get together with Colin (who appeared to be as mad as a hatter…!!) we were given a superb presentation of what to expect from working with Brick.

The whole process from start to finish was remarkably easy – we have a very specialised range of products and it was of paramount importance that this was presented in a fresh, professional and user friendly way for our customers. We also needed to present our bespoke garments in such a way that Clinicians were able to access all relevant measure and clinical information within a few “clicks” – this was achieved faultlessly. All our (sometimes quite complicated) product details were absorbed and interpreted really well by the Brick Team and we were impressed by the level of understanding that was reached.

After the launch of the website, Brick were on hand to give support and advice on several different levels and were especially supportive after the departure of our Marketing/Web assistant and the subsequent arrival of the new person who would take on the respon­sibility for the website within our company. This was greatly appreciated…

From a SEO point of view, the service given is extremely good and we have certainly had our eyes opened with regard to the usefulness of this facility… quite frankly, sometimes we are gobsmacked at the News Items that are written for us… once again, the levels of understanding are exceptional, and the usefulness of this from a Marketing point of view is priceless. A special mention for Niven who is nothing short of amazing for some of the articles he has written for us.

All in all, the service and on-going support we receive is of huge benefit to us as a SME and I would highly recommend Brick to anyone looking for a professional and modern team of web magicians….
Angie Greatorex
Jobskin Limited




Jobskin is a company that has built its reputation by producing outstanding quality medical products for over 40 years. Leading the way in rehabi­lita­tion therapy, jobskin is the largest UK manufacturer of specialist custom made compression garments for therapy and orthotic profes­si­onals.




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