Is Facebook Advertising You?

Facebook offers many opportunities to businesses in regards to internet marketing through their social network site. What is great about Facebook advertising is that it is very specialised and almost every business can benefit from some form of paid advertising on the site.

What you need to bear in mind is that Facebook should never be relied upon as a main source of generating leads for your business. It’s great for telling people about events and new products or services as well as special offers but many businesses are not taking advantage of Facebook Advertising.

Can Facebook Advertising Benefit You?

If you have a local business with a physical location then it could well be suitable for your business. Already there are a number of dentists, doctors, lawyers, restaurants and similar businesses who are benefitting from the advertisements on Facebook. You can target your adverts to people who live within a few miles of your location in order to gain local customers and so if you want to sell products or services within a certain area Facebook can help you to reach just this demographic.

You need to ask yourself how easy it is to sell your product on Facebook is, some are really easy to sell whilst others can be hard to shift. The only way of really knowing this is to do a low-cost trial run which Brick technology can help you to set up and run.

Online Facebook is a target audience of people who want to express themselves as a individual and so if you’re selling something unique and quirky then you need to advertise on Facebook and engage with potential customers on a one-on-one level.

For businesses selling to businesses then maybe Facebook isn’t the right route to take however, for those selling to consumers then Facebook is perfect!

Why not trial Facebook advertising and see what it can do for you? Already Brick technology are managing a number of our clients Facebook advertising campaigns and these are a huge success for them because of the way in which you can narrow down and target specifics. Ask yourself, is Facebook advertising you? If the answer is no then why not!

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