iPad 3 release date?

When is the iPad 3 coming out? Our team here at Brick are ready, developed and waiting for launch.
The Apple iPad 2 has beenaround for almost a year now,so we're expecting the release of the iPad 3 in March or April this year.

It seems the excitement is growing with Apple planning an iPad 3 launch next week (March the 7th), thetitle of Apple's event is "something you really have to see. And touch".

Thegeeks on the web are chattingabout the new iPad 3's processor, its cameras and the display.

So what'sare they saying aboutthe iPad 3?

Will the Apple iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor?

Looks like the iPad 3 will have a brand new processor, Apple's A6. Quad-core designs are coming from various Apple partners and the Tegra 3 has just been launched by Nvidia and the Snapdragon S4 byQualcomm.­Theprocessors are to be manufactured by Samsung, despite the companies commercial wars.

Brick technology's web customers can rest assured, your websites are all ready, willing and able to perform perfectly on the iPad 3.

Here's more information from tech radar.

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