iOS 10 + iPhone 7 = ???

iOS 10 + iPhone 7 = ???

With two milestones arriving at once for Apple, even those people who generally don't get over-excited about gadgets can’t help but feeling a little bit of the thrill. iOS 10 was released for download just days before the iPhone 7 started shipping to customers and, despite the expected teething troubles, seems to be working extremely well, once again moving the goalposts for the entire internet community. Will your website still score those all-important goals?

The features of iOS 10 are dramatically changing the way people use their iDevices, just days after the update was released. Whole portions of the interface have been completely overhauled in order to look, feel and function better, a move that is sure to make internet users even more discerning than they are already. Here are some of the key features of iOS10 to whet your appetite…

  • iOS 10 is fully compatible with iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 and 6th gen or higher iPod Touch devices

  • A raise-to-wake feature is causing a storm among users of the new operating system, with some claiming that ‘it is worth downloading it (iOS 10) for this feature alone. No more sliding to unlock, just lift the phone and it will wake up, ensuring that notifications won’t disappear if you hit Touch ID

  • Lots of tidying up has been done — a decluttered home screen, notifications and control centre

  • Siri has enjoyed a major update and no longer needs speaking to in a robotic, defined voice

  • Water detection feature to work with the waterproof iPhone 7

  • Of course, the device is sleeker, faster and better connected the any preceding it, meaning internet users are going to demand better quality online experiences

While it is still important to maintain a website that can be accessed from a browser on any device, the real business online is now being done via mobile apps.

Users are MUCH more likely to spend MUCH more time on a mobile app than they are using the mobile web, which is quickly becoming little more than a quick search engine for one-off answers or as a tool to find mobile apps!

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